Friday, March 1, 2013

Fangirl Friday: Book Covers

So, book covers. The first thing you see about a book (most of the time) and it makes a different as to your attitude towards that book. I now if a cover looks very homemade, I tend to feel as though the book can't be that good either. Regardless, today is a day to share book covers that I adore that have popped up recently. Enjoy!

While slightly generic, I completely adore these new covers. The grainy gradient and the bold text with the shapes and the cityscape in the background!!!! They are just totally gorgeous.

I really enjoyed this story. However I was not much of a fan of the previous cover. This on is a lot more eye-catching and a bit less strange. I quite like it.

I very much like that they are keeping the same theme for these book covers. 
They will look all nicey-nice side by side. I like the color of this one it's eerie. 

This cover is just fantastic. There's kind of a lot going on, but I love the covers and the layout and everything. This one sounds and looks fantastic!

So those are some of the book covers I've seen and admired lately. What do you guys think? Are there any new covers that you simply adore?

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