Monday, March 18, 2013

Middle Grade Monday

Middle Grade Monday is a feature started right here at Reading Nook. It's a way to share news or reviews of middle grade novels on a blog that doesn't exclusively post middle grade content. Feel free to join any time and link up.

This week I want to share a teaser from 
The Ultra Violets by Sophie Bell

Meet four best friends. They’re not super…yet.

IRIS: Visionary, artist, leader--the glitter-glue that holds the group together.

CHERI: A girly-girl on platform roller-skates who's never met a rescue puppy she didn’t immediately-and-madly love.

SCARLET: Short enough that you won’t see her sneaking up behind you. Freckled enough that you might mistake her for innocent. But look out! She can pants a bully faster than you can say O-M-Jeepers! 

OPALINE: Loveable, huggable, supershy, sweet as pie…or is she? 

And introducing CANDACE. Not just any babysitter—she's a Teen Genius, thankyouverymuch! What happens when four best friends find themselves splattered with mysterious purple goo during a routine sleepover? Iris, Cheri, Scarlet and Opaline are about to become…THE ULTRA-VIOLETS!

Page 107:
"'Grape googly moogly,' Scarlet muttered, spotting the pastel bulldog.
'Iris, did you just color in Cheri's rent-a-puppy?' Opal murmured.
Iris felt dizzy, even a little sick, like some invisible wave had knocked the breath out of her. But she was beginning to get the hang of this color-changing thing. 'Yes,' she whispered back, 'though I was trying for deep purple!'"

This came out on March 5th and it is a fun read so far. I'll have my review up next Monday!
ALSO!!! This is my 1,000 post! So that means contest time!
Leave a comment below telling me what middle grade novel you would love to win and I will pick one lucky winner to get their book choice! 

This is a Middle Grade Monday Post feel free to link your middle grade reviews/news below :) 

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  1. The Ultra Violets looks really fun, and that cover is super cute! I can't think of any middle grade books at the moment, but thanks for the offer :D


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