Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

This week's topic is:
Top Ten auto-buy authors

Elizabeth Scott - I haven't loved everything by her, but she is a strong writer. She changes genres a lot so I never know what type of book to expect and I like that.
Tahereh Mafi - She only has the Shatter Me books thus far, but they are beautiful. She has a storyline that kicks and writing that is just so lyrical.
John Green - It's John Fucking Green.
Louise Rennison - Loved the Georgia Nicolson series and don't mind Tallulah. Can't wait for more.
David Levithan - Probably one of my longest standing favorites. I remember the first time I read Boy Meets Boy it was wonderful. Everything he touches is perfect.

Hannah Moskowitz - Ever since I read Invisible Summer, Hannah has been on my list to auto-buy.
Kody Keplinger - She blows my mind. Her books are just fantastic. They are so realistic it's like she's telling a story about some friends you both know.
Laini Taylor - Some more beautiful writing. The worlds she creates are marvelous.
Libba Bray - Another author who changes up her genres often and it always works.
Emma Carlson Berne - She's pretty new to the scene but her books are fantastic. Edge of your seat suspense. MUST BUY!

I didn't include her above, because I don't always auto-buy, it's more of an auto read. Francesca Lia Block. I don't auto-buy because sometimes I am very disappointed in her books (The Frenzy and Pretty Dead) and they are also so short it's hard to justify the hardcover price. When she's good she's good though. And I do love reading her stories. 

The Broke and the Bookish is a group of college aged and twenty somethings that have an unhealthy obsession with reading and would spend every last penny on books even if it meant skipping a few meals. We are the people  who lurk in the library, buy handbags based on how many books can be stashed in them, and who refer to characters in books as if they are personal friends.
We sought after other bookish college students to share in our love for reading and were brought together by the College Students group on Goodreads that was created in September 2008. Our desire to share great books with each other in and our tendency to be opinionated and passionate about all things book related naturally led to the birth of The Broke and the Bookish in June 2010.


  1. I would buy or read anything by Kody Keplinger too since I've read two of her books and loved them both.

  2. John Fucking Green. Indeed!
    David Levithan and Laini Fucking Taylor too! ALL on my list!

  3. John Green, Kody Kepling, Laini Taylor and Tahereh Mafi would definitely be on my auto-buy list too! Such awesome authors and a wonderful top ten! :)

  4. You have picked some fantastic authors! John, David, Louise, Hannah and I will be sure to try some of Emma's books!


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