Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stuff I Got This Week

Perk from Klout/Shutterfly: a photobook
I got a Klout perk for a free photobook (minus S&H) from Shutterfly. I made it and it came fairly quickly. It's really good quality material and prints. I will certainly be buying some of these as gifts for family and friends in the future :)

For Review: thanks Macmillan and Little, Brown & Co.
When news reports start appearing of a zombie outbreak in Ireland, B's racist father thinks it's a joke-- but even if it isn't, he figures, it's ok to lose a few Irish. B doesn't fully buy into Dad's racism, but figures it's easier to go along with it than to risk the fights and abuse that will surely follow sticking up for Muslims, blacks, or immigrants. And when dodging his fists doesn't work, B doesn't hesitate to take the piss out of kids at school with a few slaps or cruel remarks. That is, until zombies attack the school. B is forced on a mad dash through the serpentine corridors of high school, making allegiances with anyone with enough gall to fight off their pursuers.

Louise Lambert's best friend's thirteenth birthday party is fast approaching, so of course the most important question on her mind is, "What am I going to wear?!" Slipping on an exquisite robin's egg blue gown during another visit to the mysterious Traveling Fashionista Vintage Sale, Louise finds herself back in time once again, swept up in the glory of palace life, fancy parties, and enormous hair as a member of the court of France's most infamous queen, Marie Antoinette. But between cute commoner boys and glamorous trips to Paris, life in the palace isn't all cake and couture. Can Louise keep her cool-and her head!-as she races against the clock to get home?

Since her release from Liberty Children's Facility, Anya Balanchine is determined to follow the straight and narrow. Unfortunately, her criminal record is making it hard for her to do that. No high school wants her with a gun possession charge on her rap sheet. Plus, all the people in her life have moved on: Natty has skipped two grades at Holy Trinity, Scarlet and Gable seem closer than ever, and even Win is in a new relationship.But when old friends return demanding that certain debts be paid, Anya is thrown right back into the criminal world that she had been determined to escape. It’s a journey that will take her across the ocean and straight into the heart of the birthplace of chocolate where her resolve--and her heart--will be tested as never before.

That's what I got this week. What did you all get?


  1. OOh nice! I haven't heard of those, but I hope you enjoy them all!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Sweet books! I've heard so many great things about Because it is My Blood.

    Hope you enjoy them all :)

  3. Ooh Because it's in my Blood is the sequel to one of the books I got, I haven't read much about the series but I hope it's good. Happy reading, Britt!

  4. Great books! I really enjoyed Zom-B so I hope you do too!

  5. Ooo ZOM-B I am intrigued to read this I have requested so fingers crossed. I like Gabrielle Zevin's writing so I hope I get to read this book too:D I read the first book.



  6. I just drooled all over the keyboard ... AWESOME selection, girl!! <3
    Especially ZOM-B :D


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