Friday, August 17, 2012

Review: The Dating Game - Natalie Standiford

Where I got it: My collection
Rating: 3 stars  
Cover Rating: 3 stars (Interesting I suppose. I appreciate that all the books in the series have the same style.)
Genre: Young Adult
Publication Date: February 2, 2005
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Page Count: 224 p.
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Madison, Holly and Lina decide that for a class project, they will prove that guys think about sex more than girls. They figured they can set up a website with some questions for all the kids in their school to answer, and that would prove it. Maybe they could even match up people who had similar interests! What they find though, is that even in an anonymous questionnaire their classmates lie and exaggerate their experience. It's not all bad though, the girls figure they can set themselves up with their crushes through the guise of having it be part of the matchmaking service they are offering. Unfortunately, trying to guess who someone is when they don't tell the truth can be...tricky. The girls have lots of ups and downs with their dating game and discover the truth about which gender thinks about sex more.

This was a fun read. It was light and interesting. The three main characters were only mildly self-obsessed, but at least I found their flaws entertaining. I liked the whole concept behind this story. The girls have to do a class project for sex ed and decide to make a website poll sort of thing after they took a "What Color is Your Love Aura" quiz. It was a new idea and I enjoyed it and the format that it took within the novel. It broke up the prose in a nice way, along with the IMs.

Most of the secondary characters blend together. There were a couple that stood out, because their was something unique about them. Dan was a young teacher that many of the girls had crushes on. There was a geek that Madison was consistently mean to. Things like that are what made the characters stand out. I'm hoping that there is more development as the series goes along. This book only took place in a month or so.

I'm very interested to see what happens in the next novel, because their were a couple characters in this one that I want to see how their situations pan out.This was a very light, pretty fun read. If you want something that will make you chuckle and is a quick read, check this one out.

First Line:
"I love Sean Benedetto."

Favorite Lines:
"'I got something in the mail from Sean!' Mads waved another piece of paper in front of them. Lina snatched it.
'This is a bill from a carpet-cleaning service,' she said. 'Seventy-five dollars.'
'I know.' Mads took it back and carefully replaced it in its envelope. 'I'll treasure it forever.'"

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  1. I really like the cover, I feel like you can tell right away what kind of a book it will be, I'd probably pick it up if I saw it in the store/library.

    This sounds quite fun, I like the idea behind the website and I bet not everything goes to plan, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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