Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review: Boy Proof - Cecil Castellucci

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Rating: 2.5 stars  
Cover Rating: 4 stars (It's fairly eye-catching despite it's muted colors. Makes me curious.)
Genre: Young Adult
Publication Date: February 17, 2005
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Page Count: 203 p.
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Egg used to be called Victoria, until she become obsessed with the movie Terminal Earth. Now Egg dresses like the kick-ass heroine along with adopting her name. Egg just wants people to know she's different and smart. Egg's mother tells her she's making herself boy proof but Egg doesn't care. That is until she meets Max. At first Egg hates him, but after getting to know him a bit better she starts to think that maybe he's not as bad as she first thought. Egg slowly warms up to the idea of being friends with another person, but there are complications. Can Egg get over herself in order to make people see that she can be a friend.

I did not care much for Victoria (Egg). She was pretty bitchy most of the time and had a very superior air about her. She just seemed like she was trying too hard to be different, when really she was just a boring smart kid. She also was terrible to her mother. I understand that sometimes kids are brats and act out. I mean, I've done it. Victoria was rude all the time though, and it was a bit much. The other characters were interesting though.

This was a really short read, so some of the characters were never super fleshed-out. I got a good feeling from some of them though. Next to Victoria it was easy to impress me though. I like Max, though he did seem a little phony. He was really political, but he also is quite a bit worldly so I guess those things go together.

The sci-fi addiction part was pretty fun. I wish that any of these were really movies so that I could watch them and be on the in. It was pretty fun anyways though.

The way Max and Victoria's relationship developed wasn't surprising. Victoria was full of herself and shut people out and Max was friendly. Victoria had a hard time keeping any friends. If she didn't have some brains about her, nobody would talk to her, because she's prickly.

This was an interesting read, but nothing really caught me as amazing. It may have just been too quick for it's own good. Or maybe I was just another person who didn't like Victoria's personality.

First Line:
"Monday. Janusry 5. 6:59 A.M.


'Great, another stellar day,' I say."

Favorite Lines:
"I am making out with Zach Cross. It is out of this world."

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  1. Victoria does sound a bit strange, though I recently read an article about people taking on the characteristics of the characters they read about, but pretending to be one seems to be taking it a bit far!

    I know what you mean about teens being horrible, I know we all go through phases but when characters are constantly horrid to their nice parents, I feel sad for the parents!


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