Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

This week's topic is:
Top Ten Seven book covers I'd like to redesign

Death Cloud - Andrew Lane (To be fair, they did redesign these without the Justin Bieber kid, but they still aren't that fantastic.)

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks - E. Lockhart (This is such a great book and such a poorly photoshopped cover. There are good aspects to it, but execution is lacking.)

Forgotten - Cat Patrick (This was another good book with not a great cover. I just want something more fitting the story.)

As You Wish - Jackson Pearce (This cover is just kind of plain. I want more for it so that it can stand out.)

Pretty Girl-13 - Liz Coley (Bleeding Cowboy. Not that I need more than that to hate the cover, but it's a little hard to interpret. The photo isn't awful though.)

Graceling - Kristin Cashore (Meh. I don't mind the cover, but I wouldn't mind it spruced up a bit.)

Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card (Will there ever be a good cover for this book? Honestly I think the best one so far is the movie cover, and I hate movie covers. This book is so awesome though and all the covers make it look so blergh.)

The Broke and the Bookish is a group of college aged and twenty somethings that have an unhealthy obsession with reading and would spend every last penny on books even if it meant skipping a few meals. We are the people  who lurk in the library, buy handbags based on how many books can be stashed in them, and who refer to characters in books as if they are personal friends.
We sought after other bookish college students to share in our love for reading and were brought together by the College Students group on Goodreads that was created in September 2008. Our desire to share great books with each other in and our tendency to be opinionated and passionate about all things book related naturally led to the birth of The Broke and the Bookish in June 2010.


  1. I agree about the Graceling cover. I think I've sort of half-heartedly accepted it simply because I liked the book, but I would love to see something more exciting. I'm not a fan of that Pretty Girl 13 cover either! The UK version is just slightly better, but I don't know if it reflects the story very well or not (and even then, it's not amazing!)

  2. I agree about Death Cloud. Who is this hipster Sherlock Holmes? Pretty Girls almost made my list, to. There is just something kinda off about it. Makes it look less professional or something.

  3. Nice picks--in the fact that I agree they could use some work! Totally seeing Justin Beiber now in that first cover!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  4. Great picks, I agree with all, they look really awful! My TTT.

  5. I don't really like any of these covers either, except Graceling. I kind of like that one.

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  6. Totally agree about Forgotten and Pretty Girl 13. I'm not a fan of those fonts at all.


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