Friday, May 6, 2011

Review: Forgotten - Cat Patrick

Where I got it: From Publisher for review
Rating: 4.5 stars
Cover Rating: 3 stars (This is the cover I have on the ARC but there are quite a few covers floating around like this and this. I personally think this one is the best cover though.)
Genre:Young Adult
Publication Date: June 7, 2011
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Page Count: 288 p.

London can't remember her past, but she can remember her future. Each night before 4:33 am London writes herself a note detailing what she wore that day and anything that happened that she needs to remember. Each note gets stored with the other notes, and through these she can at least pretend to try and remember what classes she has and conversations she had with her friends and mom. Things are pretty okay in London's life until a cute boy decides to talk to her. It's sort of hard to date someone if you can't remember their name. Along with the addition of a cute boy, start coming the visions. They disturb London a lot and she is nervous about what she believes her future holds. London realizes that she has to piece together the past she can't remember in order to fix the future that she can.

This was such a fascinating read, a girl who can't remember the past but can remember the future. It's weird thinking of the future as something you can remember. This part was a bit confusing at first, because she talked about remembering things, and then I kind of caught on that they were future things and I was like huh? and then later on oooohhhh. ;) This book is good, not just because you are wondering about the vision in London's future, but because London herself is a fascinating character. She has to work so hard to recall her life, and yet she manages it pretty well. I could see how forgetting your life can be completely frustrated, but London has this air about her that she has come to accept it, even if she sometimes wishes it were different. At least she can remember something, even if that something hasn't actually happened yet. Also, her mystery boy Luke is really swoon-worthy, and romantic. With a guy like him, how could any girl complain. It would be so weird to not remember your first kiss, or the touch of holding hands. It would be nice to always experience those things for the first time. I also appreciated how her amnesia worked. London didn't forget math skills, or language and motor skills, simply what she ate or wore or said.  I liked all the parts that kept you guessing, because London couldn't remember anything, you couldn't glean hints about anything that was happening, future or present day. It was weird flying nearly blind through a book, and having a very limited narration view. Regardless, the story was full and bursting with awesomeness.This book was part mystery and part romance with a dash of drama and a side-order of creepy visions. I think you would do yourself a favor in picking it up.

First Line(of story):
"Aren't Fridays supposed to be good?"

Favorite Line:
"The sight of him towering above me in all his gorgeousness steals my giggles."


  1. This sounds really different, I like the sound of it :) Great review!

  2. Okay, you keep reviewing all these books that I desperately want and you make me want to read them 100x more! This one sounds so different from anything else out there and even though you said you were flying blind the whole time, I think I'd like how surprising that could make the book.

    Also, your favorite cover is my favorite too. All the changes make me really curious to see what the actual, finished book is going to look like.

  3. I couldn't decide on this one because I've read mixed reviews, some really bad. I'm glad to read a good one because I like the premise and I ordered it already! You can read my review in a few weeks on my blog to see if I liked it as much as you.



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