Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween post : personal and library related

I hate trying to work in a costume, so I usually try to keep it simple if I'm going to be wearing it all day. Last year I went as Sylvia Plath, which was super easy and this year I decided to go as Tris. This would have been much easier if I had more experience wearing leggings as fake pants. Maybe I'm just not wearing the right kind, but they kept moving around on me a bunch. Regardless, the outfit took me five seconds to think up and I got to buy some really cute shoes to go with it.
So, all in all not a terrible deal. We had our Halloween Party for teens which was pretty fun even though for some reason none of my regular kids came. We played this game we started calling Tape Candy. I spent the morning rolling candy up into packing tape making a nice ball. Then everyone rolled a pair of dice and tried to get doubles. As soon as you got doubles you got to start unwrapping the tape ball as fast as you can and grabbing any candy that you've gotten to. Meanwhile everyone else is trying to roll doubles so that they can take over the tape ball. If you don't think this sounds like fun, wait until you play it. It's a bit addictive! It was a fun time and I'm surprised at how old these teens go trick-or-treating at. There were quite a few high schoolers trick-or-treating, in the rain! So that's how my Halloween went, not too shabby. Finished it off by going home, having dinner and then playing Minecraft. 
What did you guys do for Halloween this year? 
What has been your favorite costume that you've worn?

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  1. I usually go all out for Halloween but I was lazy this year. It worked out because we didn't get many trick or treaters.

    I don't dress up but I do torture the dogs lol They've been pirates/knights and Harry Potter.


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