Monday, February 25, 2013

Middle Grade Monday

Middle Grade Monday is a feature started right here at Reading Nook. It's a way to share news or reviews of middle grade novels on a blog that doesn't exclusively post middle grade content. Feel free to join any time and link up. 

Today I thought I'd try one of those wardrobes for fictional characters thing I've seen around. It was actually pretty fun. To find out why you should be reading The Cavendish home for Boys and Girls click here.

This is a Middle Grade Monday Post feel free to link your middle grade reviews/news below :) 


  1. Thanks for stopping by my recent DNF discussion post! I don't read a whole lot of middle grade books, but I really like the idea of this feature -- do you host it weekly, or is it less often than that?

    1. I try to host it weekly. I had stopped for awhile, but it should be nearly weekly now. :)

    2. Great, thanks -- I'll have to keep that in mind :)


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