Saturday, June 2, 2012

Review: Behind the Gates - Eva Gray

Where I got it: Finished copy from publisher
Rating: 4 stars  
Cover Rating: 3 stars (They look like old middle grade covers circa Animorphs, Goosebumps time. Not bad but not great.)
Genre: Middle Grade
Publication Date: May 1, 2011
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Page Count: 211 p.
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In a future, war-torn America there are little resources left. Nature has been polluted and the Alliance is trying to take over. Louisa and Maddie have been best friend for forever. Maddie's parents have both been called off to war, so she lives with Louisa now. Louisa's parents are doctors, so they pay to alter Maddie's identity and send both the girls to Country Manor School. They have to pretend to be twins, because you can only pay for your family, not for someone else. On the way there they meet up with a girl named Evelyn, who is convinced that all is not what it seems. Maddie is taken in by the conspiracy theories, but Louisa sort of likes it at CMS. Louisa ends up hanging out with Rosie, another girl who is strong and fit for CMS. Then things change. Now the four girls must team up, or lose everything.

This was a pretty exciting book. I can not believe how it ended though! I'm going to have to get my hands on the rest of the series right quick. It was really interesting following Louisa around, because she loves CMS. Evelyn is an interesting character, but it would have been boring following around someone who is suspicious of everything. Maddie sort of seems like a drag. She was FAR too sulky in this book. She just moped a lot, I can see why Louisa ditched her for awhile. I'm not sure how I feel about Rosie. She certainly has her moments where you want her on your team, but then there's an air of coldness around her too. We shall see what the other books hold. This was a quite exciting start to a series and you should definitely check it out if dystopian fiction is your thing.

First Line:
"Okay, this is weird."

Favorite Line:
"She's in her conspiracy theory element and finally has a new audience."

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  1. This sounds like an interesting reads, it seems dystopian is becoming even more popular and for middle grade readers as well as YA!


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