Friday, June 22, 2012

Let's Talk: ebooks vs. real books

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Question: Do you prefer real books or those on your e-reader, and why?

There are so many pros to ereaders, which makes it crazy that I don't like using mine right? Well, I guess it's not that I don't like it, but that I don't end up reading on it. I will devour all the print books I can get my hands on while my ereader watches sadly from it's case. Even when there are super exciting Netgalley books, I put them on my ereader and there they sit.
Ereaders do have a lot of upsides though; they tend to be lighter than most books, if the main character dies you don't know if they'll come back, because you don't know how many pages are left, things like that. Honestly though. despite all the perks an ereader has to offer, I just can't seem to prefer it. I really like the feel of a solid book in my hands. I like turning real pages(and not having to turn them as often) and that's all there is to it. Real books all the way :)

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