Friday, November 11, 2011

Review: Bad Taste in Boys - Carrie Harris

Where I got it: Library
Rating: 3.5 stars  
Cover Rating: 5 stars (Honestly, this cover image is what made me want to read it.)  
Genre: Young Adult 
Publication Date: July 12, 2011
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Page Count: 201 p.
Buy it: Book Depository / Amazon

Kate is the manager for the football team. They are one of the worst football teams ever. Kate finds this no excuse however, for the Coach to be loading them up on steroids. After she finds out about the steroid use she notices that some of the guys are acting weird. They are also throwing up black gunk...and losing body parts. Kate isn't sure what's happening to her players, but she knows it isn't good. Kate may be the only one smart enough and brave enough to put a stop to this disease.

This book was a bit too silly most of the time. It is not something that I like. I like my book to be funny, but not over the top goofy. I'm sure tons of people do like that though and if you're one of them you will love this. It was a good book though. A very interesting idea with love-able characters to execute it. Kate was a smart girl and that is what made her awesome and this book awesome. There's nothing I hate more than a dumber-than-rocks heroine. The action in this book is mostly where things get silly. It's very superhero-y. Lot's of adrenaline, but not necessarily a lot of believable bits. This was a very fast read and a great pick if you want a  zombie read that still has a lot of gross, but also a lot of humor. I look forward to reading more by Carrie Harris, maybe the next will be a bit less silly.

First Line:
"'You're one of those genius types,' said coach, nudging me with a beefy elbow."

Favorite Line:
"And I knew what happened to pretty young high schoolers who went out into zombie-infested streets."

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  1. I'm not too fond of goofy either so I am glad I haven't thought of reading this one much. Although, I love zombies ♥ Great review :)


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