Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn part 1, Super cheap ebooks and other things I feel like posting about.

If you have not read the book or you don't want to hear about specific movie scenes, read at your own risk. 
So I just got back from watching Breaking Dawn part 1. Honestly it was the most well down out of all the movies. Except, holy sex! It wasn't really graphic or anything, but it seemed like most of the movie was just their honeymoon. I feel like that's the reason they split the movie in two is so that they could have an hour-long honeymoon part. Besides that though I really enjoyed it. Poor Jacob, on so many levels. It was disgusting seeing Bella wasting away and the "birth" scenes. It's totally one thing to read about it another thing altogether to see it so graphically XD Another thing that bugged me was the wolves talking in their heads thing. It was really cheesy and pretty ridiculous. It was really good though and I am excited to see the conclusion and see what they focus on for the second part of Breaking Dawn. If you've already seen it, what were your thoughts on it? Were you disappointed or were you amazed?

Bloomsbury has lowered ebook prices on a ton of YA titles and their adult titles too. You can zoom in on the above PDF for a list of the titles they have available for under $3.99. There are some great ones like The Mark, Small Town Sinners, Need and Pirates. Make sure you check them out.

Finally I wanted to thank all my followers new and old. The 500 follower contest is going great and I have tons more books to add to it, but they are secrets. I will be posting another contest for December so keep your eyes open. Also, if any of you are interested I have a Tumblr here. So thanks everyone!

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