Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Boyfriend List

So after reading The Boyfriend List and The Boy Book both by E. Lockhart I started thinking about doing my own boyfriend list. You can check out some Boyfriend Lists that authors submitted to E. Lockhart here. I followed Dr. Z's rules for the list and put of boy I even had an inkling of any some sort of thing, even if they didn't know that I existed.

1. Frankie (but I was only a kid)
2. Jon (but we only held hands and got ice cream)
3. Zoe (but he didn't know who I was)
4. Chris (but it was a dare)
5. Gary (I felt bad for him)
6. Lee (but I liked his best friend)
7. Raymond (but he couldn't make up his mind)
8.Ryan (I had already said no a million times, but then I said yes)
9. Adam (but his parents hated me)
10. Andrew (but he was my best friend)
11. Mike (and he is lovely)

If you would like your boyfriend list shared on my blog, feel free to shoot me an e-mail!

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