Sunday, March 6, 2011

In My Mailbox #79 (Library edition)

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So I've put myself on a month long book buying ban in the hope that I can get caught up with the gajillion book I have that need to be read. In light of this, I don't have much to show In My Mailbox, but I decided to once again show you the many treasure that I borrowed from my library. 
Weird Sisters - Eleanor Brown
Blood & Flowers - Penny Blubaugh
Trash - Andy Mulligan
Nevermore - Kelly Creagh
Amaryllis in Blueberry - Christina Meldrum
Stolen - Lucy Christoper
The Space Between Trees - Katie Williams
As You Wish - Jackson Pearce
Crossing Over - Anna Kendall
Jane - April Lindner
Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchetta
Kiss Me Kill Me - Lauren Henderson
The Chosen One - Carol Lynch Williams
Undercover - Beth Kephart
The Lonely Hearts Club - Elizabeth Eulberg
Destroy all Cars - Blake Nelson
Clarity - Kim Harrington
Dust of 100 Dogs - A.S. King
Meridian - Amber Kizer
Five Flavors of Dumb - Antony John
The Miles Between - Mary E. Pearson
The Hidden Gallery - Maryrose Wood
Elsewhere - Gabrielle Zevin
Incarceron - Catherine Fisher

So I didn't link to author pages, because there were a lot of books to get through. The title links still go to Goodreads though.

Those are the books I got from the library this week, what did you all get?


  1. Your library rocks! Happy reading:)

  2. I love Jellicoe Road! I hope you enjoy it

  3. I'm a new follower also! Great IMM! As You Wish was AWESOME! hope you enjoy!
    Check out my blog and follow along as well!
    Blake (The Book Bell)
    Happy Reading!

  4. Beautiful,a work of art! LOL, Happy reading :-)

  5. So many great books! Love love love the libraries. Hope you enjoy all of them!

  6. Great books from the library. My favs - The Miles Between, Five Flavours of Dumb, Dust of 100 Dogs and Jellicoe Road - all totally awesome.
    Happy reading.

  7. Your library is so awesome because most of those just came out! Enjoy:)

  8. WOW. That's all I can say at your library load. Haha. I also picked up Incarceron this week from the library *hi-fives*

    I can't wait to read Blood & Flowers, Jane and Clarity! If only my library would get in new releases this quickly! Kiss Me, Kill Me, is also something that's on my TBR pile!

    ENJOY! (although I'm sure you will!)

    Check out my Birthday Edition of In My Mailbox!

  9. Fab reads! I loved Jellicoe Road and I really want to read Five Flavors of Dumb.
    My IMM

  10. Dang, that's a lot of books! There are some awesome titles there, most of them one's I really want to read. I'm so jealous of your library.

    Happy reading! :)

  11. Wow, thats a lotta books from the library! Not the typical amount I would get (maybe in the summer), but I'm happy that it's a lot! Library for the win! :D Hope you enjoy each one of them!

  12. Wow... your local library must love you!! great books!

  13. Wow, I can't believe your library allows you to take that many books out at once. There are so many there and so many I haven't read before.

    Good job with the book-buying ban. I've attempted it, but always fail :(


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