Saturday, January 8, 2011

Review: The Boyfriend List - e. Lockhart

Where I got it:From my collection
Rating: 4 stars
Cover Rating: 3 stars (it seems like an MG cover but this is definitely not a book for MG)
Genre: Young Adult
Publication Date: March 22, 2005
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Page Count: 229 p.

Ruby Oliver is fifteen and after she starts having some panic attacks, her mom decides she should see a shrink. The reasons for her panic attacks are numerous. In the last few days nothing has gone right for Ruby; she lost her boyfriend and all of her other friends, became the school leper, started hanging out with another boy(though that wasn't so bad). In general Ruby's life is a complete mess and maybe a shrink is just what she needs.

This was a fun and enjoyable book. Ruby Oliver was so dramatic, which made things a little unbelievable but hilarious. She did have a lot of boy trouble, but she's fifteen in a small school so it's bound to happen. I love Ruby's parents, they are so weird and  unique. I bet Ruby doesn't always appreciate the oddness of them, but I really love her parents personalities. I loved the footnotes throughout the story, they added a lot to Ruby's personality and the general feel of the novel. There's not much more I can say about this novel, there isn't really anything wrong with it. It's a chick lit-y light read, and it is everything you would expect from such a novel. I'm looking forward to reading through the rest of them, now that book 4 is out.

First Line:
"Before anyone reading this thinks to call me a slut--or even just imagines I'm incredibly popular--let me point out that this list includes absolutely every single boy I have ever had the slightest little any-kind-of-anything with."

Favorite Lines:
"'Does the universe seem pointless and bleak?' my father asked. 'Do you think about suicide?'"

The following text is taken from the author's website.

Click here to read a preview in which Roo receives bad presents from her then-boyfriend, the now notorious Jackson Clarke.

Take a quiz: Which Boyfriend Do You Have?
Take the Boyfriend List poll: What Boy is Right for Roo?
Here it is, the Boyfriend List. In chronological order.
1. Adam (but he doesn’t count.)
2. Finn (but people just thought so.)
3. Hutch (but I’d rather not think about it.)
4. Gideon (but it was just from afar.)
5. Ben (but he didn’t know.)
6. Tommy (but it was impossible.)
7. Chase (but it was all in his mind.)
8. Sky (but he had someone else.)
9. Michael (but I so didn’t want to.)
10. Angelo (but it was just one date.)
11. Shiv (but it was just one kiss.)
12. Billy (but he didn’t call.)
13. Jackson (yes, okay, he was my boyfriend. Don’t ask me any more about it.)
14. Noel (but it was all a mistake.)
15. Cabbie (but I’m undecided.)
Before anyone reading this thinks to call me a slut — or even just imagines I’m incredibly popular — let me point out that the above list includes absolutely every single boy I have ever had the slightest, little, any-kind-of-anything with.
Boys I never kissed are on this list.
Boys I never even talked to are on this list.
Doctor Z told me not to leave anyone off. Not even if I think he’s unimportant. In fact, especially if I think he’s unimportant.


  1. Looks like a fun light read. I'll have to add it to my wishlist :)
    Thnaks for the review!

  2. This sounds fun! Great review :)


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