Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Release day Kami and Margaret!!!

So today October 12th, is the day that Beautiful Darkness(the second book in the Caster Chronicles) is released. Kristi over at The Story Siren has a great Guest post with Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. If you haven't read Beautiful Creatures yet, you should have. Here's my reivew of Beautiful Creatures(book 1). You can head on over to Novel Noise to see where their book tour is taking them. Below you can see the beautiful trailer the Vania from VLC Photo put together if you need some more enticing to buy this book.

I also thought that today I would share a little teser from the new book, so here it is.

From the Hachette Book website
"I used to think our town, buried in the South Carolina backwoods,
stuck in the muddy bottom of the Santee River valley,
was the middle of nowhere. A place where nothing ever happened
and nothing would ever change. Just like yesterday, the
unblinking sun would rise and set over the town of Gatlin without
bothering to kick up so much as a breeze. Tomorrow my
neighbors would be rocking on their porches, heat and gossip
and familiarity melting like ice cubes into their sweet tea, as
they had for more than a hundred years. Around here, our traditions
were so traditional it was hard to put a fi nger on them.
They were woven into everything we did or, more often, didn’t
do. You could be born or married or buried, and the Methodists
kept right on singing.
Sundays were for church, Mondays for doing the marketing
at the Stop & Shop, the only grocery store in town. The rest of
the week involved a whole lot of nothing and a little more pie, if
you were lucky enough to live with someone like my family’s
housekeeper, Amma, who won the bake-off at the county fair
every year. Old four-fi ngered Miss Monroe still taught cotillion,
one empty fi nger of her white-gloved hand fl apping as she
sashayed down the dance fl oor with the debutantes. Maybelline
Sutter was still cutting hair at the Snip ’n’ Curl, though she had
lost most of her eyesight around the same time she turned seventy,
and now she forgot to put the guard down on the clippers
half the time, shearing a skunk stripe up the back of your head.
Carlton Eaton never failed, rain or shine, to open your mail
before he delivered it. If the news was bad, he would break it to
you himself. Better to hear it from one of your own.
This town owned us, that was the good and the bad of it. It
knew every inch of us, every sin, every secret, every scab. Which
was why most people never bothered to leave, and why the
ones who did never came back. Before I met Lena that would
have been me, fi ve minutes after I graduated from Jackson
High. Gone.
Then I fell in love with a Caster girl.
She showed me there was another world within the cracks of
our uneven sidewalks. One that had been there all along, hidden
in plain sight. Lena’s Gatlin was a place where things happened —
impossible, supernatural, life-altering things.
Sometimes life-ending.
While regular folks were busy cutting back their rosebushes
or picking past worm-eaten peaches at the roadside stand, Light
and Dark Casters with unique and powerful gifts were locked in
an eternal struggle — a supernatural civil war without any hope
of a white fl ag waving. Lena’s Gatlin was home to Demons and
danger and a curse that had marked her family for more than a
hundred years. And the closer I got to Lena, the closer her Gatlin
came to mine.
A few months ago, I believed nothing would ever change in
this town. Now I knew better, and I only wished it was true.
Because the second I fell in love with a Caster girl, no one I
loved was safe. Lena thought she was the only one cursed, but
she was wrong.
It was our curse now."

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  1. Happy release, BD!
    I'm still getting through BC, so I feel so bad for the copy they sent me, haha. I wonder what the 3rd will be called?!?!


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