Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Dark Divine for less than $3.00!!!!

So listen, if you own an ereader, you have probably been filling it full of fantastic ARC from netgalley or all the hundreds of classics you can get for free. You probably don't have The Dark Divine on there. If you're wondering if it's good or not click here to see my thoughts. Listen through November 22nd you can actually get The Dark Divine for the low price of $2.39 from Amazon Or from Barnes and Noble. If you haven't read it yet than this is the perfect opportunity for you to get caught up in time for the release of The Lost Saint in December. If you still aren't sure that you could handle spending $2.39 on this fantastic read, feel free to check out the preview below.


  1. Unfortunately, the Nook version is not available to anyone outside the U.S. :(

  2. Thanks for the heads up, headed straight to B&N and purchased my NOOK copy!


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