Friday, September 13, 2013

Gay in YA

Epic Reads recently had a Tea Time in which we discussed GLBTQ reads. I really enjoy reading novels and discovering that they have a character that falls into that category. As a librarian I am always scouting out the kids that need this titles and pairing them up. For my version of Epic Reads infographic, I stuck only with titles that I have read. There are more out there, but I wanted to focus on ones that I have read and enjoyed and think you should try out. 

Gay novels plays a very important role in YA. Young adults are just discovering themselves and trying to figure out what kind of a person they are. These novels let them know that they aren't alone. I particularly enjoy the novels that have gay characters and it isn't a big deal at all. Unfortunately, that's often not the reality so it's good that there are plenty of books that show being different as hard. It can be and that's the truth. I do wish there were more transgender and questioning books. I know there are more than what is on my list, but not too many more. Malinda Lo also wrote a great post about bisexual characters in YA. We could use a few more of those novels as well. 

I realize that publisher my hesitate to pick up a LGBTQ title because of the controversy or popularity, but I'm hoping that sometime soon there is a shift and it won't be so taboo anymore. 

I made my own infographic based on the one for Epic Reads, because I needed to fit in a few more in the lesbian spot. 

Silhouette of a Sparrow - Molly Beth Griffin (my review)
Sparks - S.J. Adams (my review)
Dare, Truth or Promise - Paula Boock (my review)
Pretty Little Liars - Sara Shepard (my review)
Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins (my review)
Skim - Mariko Tamaki (my review)
Ash - Malinda Lo (my review)
Huntress - Malinda Lo (my review)
Scars - Cheryl Rainfield (my review)
grl2grl - Julie Anne Peters (my review) (This one may actually fit into the Other category)
She Loves You, She Loves You Not - Julie Anne Peters (my review)
Rage: a love story - Julie Anne Peters (my review) I like this book because it throws in an abusive relationship too. I just appreciate that it's more than just discovering your sexuality. 

Two Boys Kissing - David Levithan (my review)
Boy Meets Boy - David Levithan
Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chobsky
Freak Show - James St.James
Where You Are - J.H. Trumble (my review) So this one and Freak Show may not be specifically YA, but I feel like they were still excellent books with high teen appeal. 

Adaptation - Malinda Lo (my review)
Empress of the World - Sara Ryan This was my favorite novel in school for quite awhile. 
Water Baby - Ross Campbell (my review)

a+e 4ever - i. merey (my review)
Her and Me and You - Lauren Strasnick (my review)
My Invented Life - Lauren Bjorkman (my review)

Almost Perfect - Brian Katcher (my review)
Debbie Harry Sings in French - Megan Brothers (my review)

Other: This is an added category for books that fit into multiple parts of GLBTQ.
When the Sea is Rising Red - Cat Hellisen (my review)
Dangerous Angels - Francesca Lia Block (my review)
Geography Club - Bret Hartinger
Every Day - David Levithan (my review)
Beauty Queens - Libba Bray (my review)

Have you guys read any great LGBTQ that isn't featured on my list? 

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