Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fangirl Fanfic

Exactly what it sounds like. For the next few weeks I will be bringing you Fanfic based on the characters in Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. This had to be done, so I shall do it. Carry On, Cather ;)

     Cath nudged open the door with her foot and was greeted by a topless girl.
     "What the hell!?" the girl yelled at Cath.
     Cath quickly turned around and squeezed her eyes shut, she could feel her cheeks color. It had been awhile since she saw breasts that weren't hers or her twin sister's. Cath did not think this was the way to start out a good roommate relationship.
     "Okay. I'm all set now." Cath slowly turned around. "Why wouldn't you knock?"
     "The door was already a bit open, I didn't think—I didn't..."
     "It's not really a big deal. I'm Reagan and you must be Cather."
     "What kind of a name is Cather?"
     "Long story."
     "Okay, whatever. I already took this side so that side is all yours," Regan gestured to her unpacked boxes and then to the other twin bed. The room wasn't big in any way. There was enough room for the two beds, two desks and two dressers, but that was about it.
     "Perfect. Thanks."
     "Well, I'm heading out, I'll see you later Cath."
     "Okay, bye."

     Cath threw down her bags on the bed that was now hers for the next eight or so months. She heard a slight rap on the door and her dad popped his head in.
     "Cath, do you want to come with us to your sister's room?"
     "No thanks, I want to unpack and go to sleep." Cath wasn't really all that tired, but she didn't want to face her sister quite yet. They were in a decidedly non-argument. Her sister wanted space and so Cath planned to give her just that. It was hard not talking to Wren, especially with the whole college thing.
     "Alright ladies, next stop Schramm Hall," Her dad and sister closed the door and Cath was equal parts relieved and disappointed. She was hoping Wren would have said something to her. Anything.

     Cath continued to unpack her things—they were mostly Simon Snow things—and put together some semblance of a home-y room. Once she had her posters hung and her laptop set up on the desk, Cath laid in bed and thought about the past week. She couldn't believe that her and Wren weren't talking. Cath couldn't remember a time when they weren't best friends you told each other everything. They always shared a room and went everywhere together. Cath felt abandoned. Then Cath thought about Regan. Regan was not a small girl, but she seemed to exude power and her curves were in all the right places. Cath sighed and wondered if college would be much different than high school. She and her girlfriend Margot had broken up months ago. It had been a super secret relationship because Margot didn't want anyone to find out about her. Cath was okay with it because she adored Margot, at least she thought she did. After they broke up and Cath could think about Margot a bit more objectively, there was a lot she didn't like. Maybe college would be a fresh start, maybe Cath could make friends on her own with Wren having to constantly handhold her. Maybe...and then Cath fell asleep.


  1. Did you write this or are there people writing fanfic for this book? I finished it and thought it was good :)

    1. I did write this fanfic. I figured that a book about fanfic deserved some of its own.


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