Saturday, May 18, 2013

Movie Review: The Great Gatsby

WherI got it: Movie Theater
Rating: 4 stars 
Rating: Rated PG-13
Run Time: 2 hour 22 minutes

I adore Baz Luhrmann and this movie only grew my love for him more. It's funny, I expected this movie to be a lot more fantastical than it was. Usually there is lots of extra silliness in a Luhrmann film(close-ups, sound effects), but this one was toned down. It was more fitting for the novel I guess. A bit disappointing, but still okay.

The reason the movie ranked higher than the book for me is two main reason. First, there was none of that Nick Carraway dithering on bits. Second, When I can see people talking I know who is talking and I don't have to re-read the same chapter ten times to figure out who's talking. Both of those things made me like this movie a lot more.

This seems like an easy book to film adaptation to be able to follow the book. I mean, it only takes a couple of hours to read the book anyways. For the most part the film followed the book nicely. There were a few things that were done differently and some were okay while others I didn't like. When Nick shows up to Gatsby's first party there is a strange guy pulling Jordan away from him the whole time. It seemed to set up a connection between Nick and Jordan that didn't happen again in the film. It was a bit strange but okay.

One thing that drove me a little crazy was the "Old Sport" thing. In the film it sounded like "Old Spore". Why? Why was DiCaprio pronouncing it like that. It's probably the way that it's supposed to be pronounced, but there is a "t" in there! I hate it...I don't care if it's correct I still hate it.

I enjoyed this movie though and if you are looking for a book to film adaptation that works, check this one out.

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