Thursday, March 29, 2012

Movie Review: Battle Royale the movie

WherI got it: AmazonVine for review
Rating: 2 stars 
Cover Rating: 5 stars (The packaging for this DVD is really great. If you go to the Amazon link below, you can check out pics of the packaging.)
Rating: Not Rated
DVD Release Date: March 20, 2012
Run Time: 1 hour 54 minutes
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For a summary click here to check out my review of the book.

So there are a lot of reasons that this movie did not meet my expectations. The biggest thing was that it seemed to be loosely based on the book instead of being a movie adaptation of the book. Pretty much the only similarity were the people died in nearly the same order. There were a few other plot points that matched up, but sometimes I felt like I was watching a brand new story with no knowledge of what was going to happen next. This would have been fine if the movie made any bloody sense. Unfortunately it seemed to be just a gore flick, and not a great one at that. A lot of what I loved about the novel, like the background of the characters and the distaste for the government, were completely left out of this movie. One school was chosen to battle, and it was their old teacher instead of Sakamochi that was the director of the events.  I just didn't think you got a chance to realize why the kids were the way they were. There was just chaos and then strange pedophilia dreams between the teacher and Noriko. I'm not quite certain where these came from, but didn't think they added anything to the movie at all. I can't recommend this movie to anyone, unless you just want some chaotic action with hardly a plot and no real character development.

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