Friday, March 23, 2012

Let's Talk: Cliffhangers

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Question: Cliffhangers - love them or hate them?
I have to say it really depends. There are good cliffhangers and bad ones. I think you should leave your audience wanting more, but tie up loose ends so that each book is a book in and of itself. Harry Potter is something everyone(nearly) has read, and there are cliffhangers that make you crave the next book, but the next book is not just a continuation of the book before. One book series that I thought had terrible cliffhangers, was the Possession series by Nancy Holder. The endings of these were extreme cliffhangers. I didn't so much want to read the the next book, but felt I  had to read it so that I could finish book two or book three. There just ended in the middle of things with nothing being resolved. I don't think those are good cliffhangers.
Across the Universe by Beth Revis on the other hand, especially A Million Suns, had fantastic cliffhangers. The books both wrapped up their story, but the main story line was still going and she gives you just a glimpse at what's ahead, so that you crave the next novel. So I'm a sucker for a good cliffhanger that has me dying for the next book, but I hate feeling obligated to read the next book, because the story never finished.


  1. I'm not a fan of cliffhangers. I wish there were more standalones - seems everything is a series these days! Personally, I *love* standalones.

  2. I totally agree that it depends! I think that if a story is complete and simply baits you for the next book, you're golden. If, however, it never wraps up and just feels too much like it's pushing me to read the next book. I totally agree on Across the Universe, too! :)

    Thanks for joining in, Britt!


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