Thursday, September 1, 2011

Review: Dark Souls - Paula Morris

Where I got it: ARC from Publisher for review
Rating: 3.5 stars  
Cover Rating: 3 stars (I love how the title looks, but everything else is sort of dull.)  
Genre: Young Adult
Publication Date: August 1, 2011
Publisher: Point
Page Count: 288 p.
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After the accident, Miranda has seen some odd things. Life gets even more odd when her family takes a vacation to York. She's trying to be a new person, at least while they are in a new country and ends up meeting Nick. Nick isn't like the boys back home, he is a lot more intense. He knows lots of historical little secrets that him and Miranda get to witness. Miranda keeps the secret of the boy who lives across from her in the boarded up house. A different boy, who seems to be trying to tell her something. Miranda isn't the only one with secrets though, and Nick's might cost them their lives.

So this book was at times, down right spooky. Some parts made me want to turn all the lights on and not close my eyes. I like that in a book. Nick was an interesting character, even if he was flaky and hard to pin down. I loved the setting, Paula Morris knows how to set a scene. I was practically hanging out Miranda's window wondering in the glory of The Shambles. The setting really came alive, even though some of the characters didn't. Miranda's brother was one of the characters that fell flat. Near the end of the novel he started to get more rounded, as did his friend Sally, but for most of the book they were just half-formed secondary characters. I wish there was more about the guy in the attic too, but I guess we knew as much as we were supposed to. It bothered me a bit that Miranda's parents were referred to by their firsts names. Maybe I'm just not use to it in YA, but I kept having to think about who these Jeff and Peggy characters were.
Another thing that sort of bugged me, but was understandable, was how long it took the characters to piece together the big mystery. It bothered me that they hadn't figured out what was going on for so long. I suppose though, that as a reader we a privy to having all the clues given to us in a couple hours instead of spread out over a week. For Miranda and the others most of the clues were trivial things in their lives that week, so maybe not at the forefront of their mind. Also, Rob didn't seem to be the sharpest tack. All in all though, this story was very intriguing and had me guessing right along with Miranda who was real and who wasn't. I  would recommend this to anyone looking for a good creepy ghost story.

First Line:
"At night, the cornfields, looked like the ocean."

Favorite Lines:
"'He that hides a dark soul and foul thoughts, benighted walks under the midday sun,' said Lord Poole in a quavery voice, and it took a second for Miranda to realize he was quoting something, rather than waxing lyrical. ' Himself in his own dungeon.'"

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  1. I love creepy reads and thrillers, and though this sounds a bit off in places, I'm intrigued. It might be a good filler read. Great honest review :)


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