Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Interview with Tara Altebrando author of Dreamland Social Club

 If you haven't yet, make sure you check out my review of Tara's latest book!

1. How did you spend your release day?
On Coney Island! Looking for shade with a photographer from a local NY
paper so she could take my picture. Fun fact: There is no shade on the
beach at Coney Island. Ever. The Native American inhabitants of the
land that is now Coney Island, the Lenape, called the island
Narrioch—meaning "land without shadows"—because its orientation means
the beach gets sun all day. That night, I had a small book release
party with friends and colleagues at a bar called Angels and Kings. I
just love that name, don't you?

2. Out of the three books you have published thus far, which was
your favorite?
Books are like children, as they say. You love them all! But right now
I do feel like DREAMLAND SOCIAL CLUB is my favorite in that it feels
like my best work to date. It was also a very long path to publication
for this one, involving at least one entirely massive revision and
re-imagining. So I'm especially proud of this latest offspring, it's

3. Have you ever worked in a carnival or were you close to someone who did?
No. That would have been cool.

4. What is one book you've read recently that you recommend to everyone?
The book I've been pushing the most lately is a picture book, ALL THE
WORLD by Liz Garton Scanlon with illustrations by Marla Frazee. A
friend gave it to my daughter as a gift and told me she cried whenever
she read it and I sort of inwardly rolled my eyes. But WOW. There is
something incredibly powerful about this book. I seriously get choked
up, too, almost every time I read it aloud to my daughter. Try it!
It's like magic! I've also been doing a ton of raving about SHINE by
Lauren Myracle, which is just lovely and heartbreaking.

5. What was the most exciting thing about living in Dublin?
Irish men! No, seriously, it was the music scene there in the early
90s. There were more bands per capita in Ireland at the time than in
any other country in the world, which is a sort of hilariously useless
statistic but it's true. The Cranberries and The Frames were just
coming up then so it was a great time to be there and an especially
great time to be there working for a music magazine like I was.

6. Is there anything you can share about what you are working on
now book-wise?
There is. I am working on another YA novel for Dutton. It takes place
entirely during a senior week scavenger hunt, following a team of high
school underdogs of sorts as they try to have one big night they'll
never forget.

7. Is there anything else you'd like to say to everyone?
Have a great summer! And check out my author video if you want to know
more about Dreamland Social Club and Coney Island.

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  1. Great Interview and Trailer with Tara. I loved the Dreamland Social Club. Didn't seem to get a lot of notice, but I thought it was a great book. I felt like Coney Island was a character in the book. I could really see all the places in my mind even though I've never been.



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