Monday, June 13, 2011

Interview with Josephine Angelini

1. So for anyone who has read the "About Me" section on your website, we know how you ended up with your first name. Can you tell us a little about your last name, where your family hails from?

My family is from Massachusetts, and most of my relatives still live there. “Angelini” is Italian (shocker) but I’ve never been to Italy and I don’t speak Italian. My dad does, and I’m bummed he never taught us. My husband’s first language was Spanish and I think it’s so awesome whenever he uses it. I wish I was that cool—to just start blabbing away in Italian or something. I got robbed.

2. What is a book you've read recently, that you think everyone should read?

Die For Me by Amy Plum was great. Her main character speaks fluent French and lives in Paris even though she's from Brooklyn. I wish I spoke French. I took it in high school but I was rotten at it. It seems like everyone speaks another language but me!

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, would you stay in LA, move back to Massachusetts, or go somewhere else entirely?

I miss New York a lot. I went to NYU and I still have friends in the city. Every time I go back I want to live there again. But it’s so cold-- and my husband’s Caribbean blood doesn’t do cold.

4. How much do you love your UK book trailer? Is there anything you wished they added?

I think the UK book trailer is AWESOME! I just have one teeny, tiny thing, though. Lucas doesn’t play basketball. He plays (American) football. I don’t mind, though. I’m sure if he played basketball he’d be fantastic at it.

5. You have eight siblings, what was it like being the youngest?

Humbling. See, all my elder siblings were super-talented and smart. My eldest sister was a gifted pianist. My second eldest sister danced with the Boston Ballet. My brother was a high school track star that lettered in everything by the time he was a sophomore. I even have sisters that were especially good at Hell-raising, so I couldn’t even be the rebel of the family. By the time I came around, all the good “parts” were already taken. Even my teachers in school would forget my name and call me one of my sisters. My algebra teacher used to call me Jerry—that’s my brother’s name—instead of Josie. He didn’t even get my gender right, for crying out loud. So, yeah. Humbling is a really good description of what it was like.

The upside? When you are the baby you get TONS of love, so I guess I lucked out, too.

6. So far it looks like Starcrossed is to be a trilogy, which one of the three books do you think will be your favorite, either to write, or just overall?

Tough question! So far the second book, Dreamless, has been my favorite, but I haven’t finished the third yet, so I could easily change my mind. Not that I don’t love Starcrossed. Wait, maybe I like that one best. You know what? I have no idea.

7. Is there anything else you'd like to say to everyone?

I love the spread that Macmillan did for me on My Kinda Book. You should all check it out. They put the book trailer inside the book cover—so cool.


  1. I still like the U.S. cover better!


  2. Hugs to all us New Englanders! I couldn't imagine growing up with eight siblings. Having three brothers is enough for me. I've often been called other names too. And not just my brother's names. My mom has been known to call me by one of the cat's names or the dog's name. It's lots of fun. Not!

    You're not alone with speaking a single language though. I took Spanish all through high school and can only manage very short, basic sentences now. I wish I could speak another language.

    I love the trailer too! It's all very dramatic and sets up a lot of tension with the music. I'm hoping I can read Starcrossed very soon :)


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