Thursday, May 12, 2011

Review: Zombicorns - John Green

Where I got it: John Green
Rating: 4 stars (Hard to rate, because we were never supposed to read this like this...or maybe ever.)
Cover Rating: 4 stars (haha gross...)
Genre:Young Adult
Publication Date: January, 2011
Publisher: John Green
Page Count: 72 p.

You can check out your own copy here.

Mia is one of the last few people on Earth not obsessed with corn. Mia's life sort of sucks, but she is humorous and finds a friend in Caroline and her adopted dog Mr. President.

So this isn't really a review at all, not that they ever really are reviews, but still. This book was not necessarily meant to come to us in this form which is something that must be taken in to consideration. That said, it was freakin' awesome! One of my favorite parts of this book were when Mia and Caroline were talking about book titles for their Anthropological Zombie study. Some titles they came up with were "What to Expect When You're Expecting a Zombie Apocalypse" and "The Care and Feeding of Contemporary Zombies". I though that was just great. I also liked that they had the idea to do a sociological investigation when there is so little hope left in the world. I think Mia should have been a male though. While I was reading this, I just kept picturing the narrator as male, I'm not really sure why. Maybe the mannerism? It could also be just the simple fact that John Green is male, so I just assume he is going to write from that perspective. I don't know. This was a fast read and I really enjoyed it even though it was horrible in a few ways. If you have a minute or two, just read it. It had a lot of funny and good parts and there are shocking things that happen. Oh and just in case you didn't look at the bottom of the cover, this has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Unicorns, they aren't even mentioned.

First Line:
"Pre-zombification, my father was already obsessed with corn."

Favorite Line:
"He took a minute to die, and it was the smilingest minute I'd ever seen from him." (really I just love the word smilingest!)


  1. I loved this book too. And I also thought the main character was a male in the beginning too. I think it's because all of the other books I've read by John Green have male characters. I think this was a pretty awesome book for being so short, and free, and never really meant to be read.

  2. Reading it now. Liking it a lot.


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