Monday, April 4, 2011

Review: Desires of the Dead - Kimberly Derting

Where I got it: My collection
Rating: 4.5 stars
Cover Rating: 5 stars (A perfect match for The Body Finder)
Genre: Young Adult
Publication Date: March 1, 2011
Publisher: HarperCollins
Page Count: 355 p.
Sequel to The Body Finder

Even though Violet just got Jay, already she feels like she's losing him—as a friend and boyfriend—to a new kid named Mike. A lot has been happening to Violet, but she feels that since her and Jay are more than friends now she can let him in as much as she used to. When Violet make what she thinks is an anonymous phone call to the police regarding an echo she found leading to  storage container, she hopes that they will take car of it and she will no longer be drawn to it. What Violet doesn't count on is being found out. Somehow now she has drawn the attention of the FBI and they want her ability. Her secret has always been just that, a secret, and she doesn't know if she can, or wants to let someone else in. When she needs help of her own though, she might just agree to help someone else in return for a little assistance. Even if all her detective work leads to her and her friends ending up in harm's way.

Once again Kimberly Derting brings all her weapons to the table to craft a creepy and crazy story. This second novel wasn't quite as creepy as the first one, especially by way of the killer's voice that is interspersed through the novel. It was weird seeing Violet not able to talk to Jay, and having him be so super protective of her. It's great that they are together and maybe by the third book they'll have worked out some of their communication issues. I totally appreciate that Kimberly knows how to end a novel. Heck, she knows how to end a page. Everything was closed off at the end of the story, so that there could be more, but you don't have to wonder how the story will end until you can read the next novel. I guess this book could stand alone, but I think you would lose a little understanding if you had not previously read The Body Finder. Can I just say how glad I was not to find a love triangle between these pages. I would have felt completely betrayed if after everything Jay went through Violet was like, meh. Now that is not to say there aren't many acquaintances that are definitely of interest, maybe not in a love interest sort of way, but something is there. I really love all the characters in Violet's life they are very unique and alive, none more so than Chelsea. Chelsea is vibrant. She is almost more of a character then Violet, just because she is so boisterous and you can't help not noticing her. I liked all the twists and turns and intricacies of this story, it had the same flow as the first novel, but extra bumps along the way. Kimberly Derting is an entirely deft writer and story-teller and I eagerly look forward to another adventure with Jay and Violet as well as Kim's new story, The Pledge.

First Line:
"Violet leaned forward on her hands and knees over the frozen landscape."

Favorite Lines:
"The resonance of the harp eclipsed the noises around her, the waking city at her back, and the ocean in front of her. It was vaporously surreal. Ominous. It was like the sounds track from a horror film."

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