Sunday, December 12, 2010

Buying my own domain name.

So, for an early Christmas present to myself, I decided to buy my own domain name. I bought it through google, because I think that's what most blogspot users have been doing right? So I bought it and I guess it's doing it's thing right now. I also got a new email address to go with it. I wanted something shorter in both cases. My new domain is and my e-mail address is areadingnook[at]yahoo[dot]com. I sis send out an e-mail notice to the people that were in my contacts, I hope that's okay. If anyone has been through a change over is there anything I have to do that you found out about? Thanks everyone!
I am really nervous that this switch is going to mess up e everything. But I'm sure it will all be fine...right?


  1. Seems fine to me. Your posts still show up in my reader/dashboard, and I didn't change any links.

  2. I did this a while back, too, and I panicked because it takes time to transition, but if you do it through Google and Godaddy (how blogspot does it), you're's transitioning already! Congrats on the switch, girl! It makes you feel legit, eh? :)

  3. It should work fine. I was worried when I bought my own domain name but I have had no troubles with it. =]

  4. Congrats Britt! That's a really good idea :D

  5. Congrats, everything is showing up fine for me in Google Reader :)


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