Friday, February 19, 2010

Review: Beryl: A Pig's Tale - Jane Simmons

Where I got it: ARC from Little, Brown and Co.
Rating: 3 stars
Cover Rating: 4 stars (I really enjoyed all the illustrations in this book.)
Genre: Middle Grade
Publication Date: March 10, 2010
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Page Count: 216 p.

Beryl just wants to find a home where she is loved. After her mom died when she was born, Beryl was left with her aunt and two cousins. She was treated like Cinderella and was waiting for her prince to rescue her. When the aunt tricks the farmer into taking Beryl off to the slaughter house, Beryl knows she must escape, even if it means going into the wild. When she finds wild pigs she has to decide whether they can be trusted, or if they will be dangerous and try to attack her like she grew up knowing.

This was a fast little read. I enjoyed it as much as I can, it was a bit younger than I typically enjoy. This story did deal greatly with prejudice though. I find a lot of middle grade novels really address global issues that help serve as an introductions for young readers into the greater scheme of things. If you had a younger sibling or cousin, this would sere as a great present if they don't mind talking animals. I usually don't enjoy it when animals can talk but this had almost and Animal Farm feel about the way the animals were anthropomorphized. I sort of wished Dew was a boy, I just kept thinking of him as male the whole time I was reading; it seemed fitting. I loved the illustrations in this book especially the little piggy prints that would randomly crop up on a page. This book had some sad moments and some happy moments and all in all it was a good journey and a good read.

First Line:
"Beryl sat in her sty."

Favorite Line:
"'But we're not allowed in, and I'm so pink!' said Beryl."

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