Monday, August 5, 2013

Middle Grade Monday

Middle Grade Monday is a feature started right here at Reading Nook. It's a way to share news or reviews of middle grade novels on a blog that doesn't exclusively post middle grade content. Feel free to join any time and link up. 

Hey everyone, this week I wanted to talk about the series Sleuth or Dare by Kim Harrington. I read and loved the first book in this series Partners in Crime. The second and third book do not disappoint. These two books deal a bit more with the friendships between the characters. These are really great, quick mysteries and I just really love them. They aren't super easy to solve mysteries either, which is super awesome.

If you haven't checked out this series yet and enjoy middle grade mysteries make sure you grab this. This is also a great recommendation for the younger kids (you know the ones it is intended for) so buy it for them too!

First Line:
"'The pizza is frozen,' Fiona said, her green eyes shimmering with excitement." 

 Favorite Line: 
 "Monday morning was a disaster." 

First Line: 
"A dark cloud followed me to school Monday morning." 

Favorite Line: 
"But at the same time my whole body felt electric with happiness." 

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  1. Monday mornings are always disasters...these books sound fabulous. I loved the author's novel CLARITY, so I should really check out these books.

    Great post :)


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