Friday, September 21, 2012

This or That with Author Malinda Lo

*   Hardcover or paperback  *

Hardcover for books I want to keep. Paperback for books while traveling.
(Although I finally got an iPad so that might cut out paperbacks entirely.)

*   Dogs or cats  *

I used to love the mysterious detachment of cats, but since I got a dog… 
okay my dog will kill me if I don't say:
Look at how cute! Obviously she wins.

*   Handwriting or typing  *

Both have their uses, but I never handwrite my ransom notes.

*   Series or standalone (writing)  *

Series if you want to hit a bestseller list. Standalone if you want to hit an awards list. :)

*   Series or standalone (reading)  *

It depends on the characters. If I love the characters, I want them in a series. Always.

*   Faeries or Fairytales  *

Fairy tales because (1) I argue that "fairy" is the correct spelling (others disagree!); 
(2) fairy tales do not need to include fairies at all, only a preferably vicious twist.

*   Piercings or tattoos  *

Tattoos — but only good ones. 

*   Vegetables or fruits  *

The tomato: the fruit that is often mistaken for a vegetable.

*   Paintings or photographs  *

Art. (The question is: What is art?)

*   Summer or winter  *

September in San Francisco: the warmth of summer with none of the heat waves.

*   eBooks or real books  *

I believe that ebooks are real books. They're just more difficult to pet.

*   Editing or writing  *

No writing succeeds without editing.

*   China or East Coast (U.S.) or England or West Coast (U.S.)  *

My favorite city in the world is San Francisco, which is an incomparable jewel.

Malinda Lo’s first novel, Ash, a retelling of Cinderella with a lesbian twist, was a finalist for the William C. Morris YA Debut Award, the Andre Norton Award for YA Fantasy and Science Fiction, and the Lambda Literary Award. Her second novel, Huntress, a companion novel to Ash, is an ALA Best Book for Young Adults. Her young adult science fiction duology, beginning with Adaptation, was recently published. She lives in Northern California with her partner and their dog.

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  1. I am sure Malinda's dog will be happy with her choice of dog! And this "but I never handwrite my ransom notes" made me laugh out loud!


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