Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review: 52 Reasons to Hate My Father - Jessica Brody

Where I got it: Arc from publisher
Rating: 2.5 stars  
Cover Rating: 3 stars (The girls perfect, this cover is perfect but oh how I loathe her.)
Genre: Young Adult
Publication Date: July 3, 2012
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Giroux
Page Count: 352 p.
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Lexington Larrabee has everything she wants. She doesn't even have to lift a finger to get it. New cars, huge house and tons of money for shopping. If she totals a car, she can just get a new one. When she drunk drives her brand new car into a connivence store right before her eighteenth birthday though, her father decides he has had enough. It's time for Lexington to learn what it means to grow up and earn money, and she's not going to like it. When she turns eighteen and heads to see Bruce for her trust fund check she is informed that before she can have her money, she has to complete the task her father has decided on. She must work 52 jobs over the next year. Each week she will have a new low-paying job to suffer through. Lexington can't even believe it. She's never had to do anything for herself, let alone other people. She has a choice though, she can do the work and get the money or figure out how to live on her own without her father's billions.

This was a tricky book to rate. On one hand it was a light fast read and I enjoyed reading it. On the other hand though, there were a some major flaws that really bugged me. The top thing that annoyed me was how unrealistic Lexington was. In the beginning of the book she's all bling-bling, spoiled-brat, heiress and then by the end she's supposed to be super smart and not such a sucky person? I didn't see anything that would call for this change. She could have been a bit better of a person, but the whole 360 turnaround kind of threw me off. Of course, I've never known anyone that rich and spoiled, so...

Her father and all her brothers aren't complete idiots, so maybe she was just playing her part. It seems weird that she would keep the same friends though if she's a completely new person. They must be very loving and adapting friends. Then there's the very obvious love interest. I saw that coming as soon as he was mentioned. Then there's Rolando. Lexi and him are supposed to be BFFs, but he's only mentioned a few times. What!?

The other thing that bugged me was that "could care less". Lexi used it a couple of times in thought and  dialogue. It's "couldn't care less"!!!! I mean, it fits the person I'm picturing well, but I don't think that person could solve a big mystery.

I wish there were any other characters to really talk about, but everyone was just a brief mention really. Once again proving that everything is all about Lexington Larrabee.  I did like that there was mention of other Jessica Brody characters in this novel. It was brief, but if you are paying attention, you'll catch it. This was a quick fun read with a lot of funny parts. If you like reading about rich snobs who end up turning their lives around, this is exactly the book for you. I just find it all a bit unrealistic. Maybe someday, someone will prove me wrong.

First Line:
"My father is going to kill me."

Favorite Line:
"Come Monday morning I'm a frazzled mess."


  1. Hmmmmmm. I had high hopes for this one-the book trailer was impressive. Might be a library book rather than a buy book. Thanks for the info and honest review.

  2. Haha, the 'could care less' thing would annoy me too! And I can understand why she didn't seem very realistic. But I like that it was a short, fun read!


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