Sunday, April 22, 2012

In My Mailbox #131

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For Review: Thanks Hyperion and Little, Brown
Newly engaged and unthinkingly self-satisfied, twenty-eight-year-old Adam Newman is the prize catch of Temple Fortune, a small, tight-knit Jewish suburb of London. He has been dating Rachel Gilbert since they were both sixteen and now, to the relief and happiness of the entire Gilbert family, they are finally to marry. To Adam, Rachel embodies the highest values of Temple Fortune; she is innocent, conventional, and entirely secure in her community—a place in which everyone still knows the whereabouts of their nursery school classmates. Marrying Rachel will cement Adam’s role in a warm, inclusive family he loves. But as the vast machinery of the wedding gathers momentum, Adam feels the first faint touches of claustrophobia, and when Rachel’s younger cousin Ellie Schneider moves home from New York, she unsettles Adam more than he’d care to admit. Ellie—beautiful, vulnerable, and fiercely independent—offers a liberation that he hadn’t known existed: a freedom from the loving interference and frustrating parochialism of North West London. Adam finds himself questioning everything, suddenly torn between security and exhilaration, tradition and independence. What might he be missing by staying close to home? 

The Boy Recession - Flynn Meaney
I loved Bloodthirsty and can't wait to start this one. 
Down-to-earth Kelly is always the friend and never the girlfriend. But as her junior year of high school starts, Kelly is determined to finally reveal her true feelings for her long-time crush and good friend Hunter - that is, until the Boy Recession hits. Over the past summer, an overwhelming number of male students have left Kelly and Hunter's small high school class. Some were sent to private school and others moved away. Whatever the case, the sudden population shift has left the already small Julius P. Heil High in desperate shape. The football coach is recruiting chess champs for his team, the principal's importing male exchange students to balance out school dances,and Hunter is about to become an unexpected heartthrob. Content with his role as the guitar-strumming, class-skipping slacker, Hunter is unprepared to be the center of attention. Desperate coaches are recruiting him for sports teams, and the drama teacher casts him in the lead role of the school musical. Even the Spandexers, powerful popular girls in tight pants, are noticing Hunter in a new light - with a little work, he could have potential. He might even be boyfriend material... In order to stand out from the crowd and win Hunter's heart, Kelly needs a "stimulus package" in the form of cougar lessons from a senior girl who dates hot freshman boys and advice on the male mind from her Cosmo-addicted best friend, Aviva. As if dating wasn't hard enough without a four-to-one ratio!

Bought: some bookish type video games
if you are looking for some fantastic video games I would highly recommend these. :)

That's what I got this week. What did you all get?


  1. Looks like a full Mailbox! Have fun reading them all!

    Thanks for sharing,
    My IMM -

  2. Great mailbox! The Innocents looks really good! And I love your blog! New follower :)Happy Reading & Stop By My IMM Post

  3. Awesome books! Hope you enjoy these awesome reads!

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    Chantel aKa LittleMissBookWorm :)

  4. Love that cover for The Boy Recession!

    Hope you enjoy all of your books :)

  5. I love The Innocents cover. Hopefully the book lives up to the cover!

    Happy reading.
    Alison at The Cheap Reader

  6. Great set! The Innocents sounds great. I love the cover.
    My IMM

  7. So jealous that you got The Innocents. Awesome haul!=D

    Drop by my IMM?

  8. The Innocents sounds great and the cover is pretty! :) Enjoy all your new goodies.


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