Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weetzie Bat: the movie

Alright, before you all freak out. There is no movie...yet.
I did stumble across a reading at a bookstore though, of a screenplay that Francesca Lia Block wrote.

"In September 2010 actors, including Chelsea Staub and Corbin Bernsen, read the Script for Weetzie Bat and the Dangerous Angel in bookstore with Block. Part 1  Part 2 Part 3  YT videos about 11 min each. "

I thought it was slinky and awesome and wow. It was weird seeing Noel Kahn(Brant Daugherty) as Dirk though. I would absolutely love to see this made into a real movie. Hey hitRECord get to it ;) But seriously. Weetzie Bat is the greatest love yourself and people role model. Sometimes she struggles, but she's so cool anyways. 

Anyway, if your a fan or a newbie, make sure you check out those clips and read the books. Seriously.

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