Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Review: Triple Shot Bettys in Love - Jody Gehrman

Where I got it: My collection
Rating: 5 stars
Cover Rating: 4 stars (It's very very cute!)
Genre: Young Adult
Publication Date: January 22, 2009
Publisher: Dial
Page Count: 249 p.
Companion novel to Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty

The Bettys are back and they are in love. After five months of dating Ben, Geena finds that he wants things to get a bit more...physical. She's not quite sure if she's ready for all that though. On top of that, she has Amber to worry about. See, they got this new substitute English teacher who is way hot (think Ezra Fitz from PPL) and Amber wants to trick him into loving her. So Geena is helping Amber out but accidentally pushing Ben away and sort of, kinda falling for Mr. Sands herself. Oh young love, how will it all turn out?

I didn't know how this second novel was going to be, I mean sequels are sometimes a flop. I loved this book even more than the first though. Romantic rivalry was top on the lists of things I loved about this novel. We get introduced to Sophie and she wants Ben (Benedict) in a bad way. Ben doesn't see the nasty fire that she spits in Geena's direction, which has Geena paranoid. To top it off, Sophie is super glamourous and always dresses to the nines; whereas Geena is Skater Chic. The second thing I loved was the hilarious misadventures with the English sub. I mean, Geena following Amber on a date to text her lines. I loved when she texted Amber "Brontë" and Amber pronounces it "Bront". Fantastic! I would certainly consider this novel a companion to Confessions instead of a sequel, because while this does follow chronologically, it is not a continuation of the first story and you don't have to have read Confessions in order to read this one. I was a little disappointed that Hero wasn't more of a character in this one, although it's understandable (her being at boarding school in CT and all). I really start to like how she contrasted with Amber and Geena in the first novel and wished there was that dynamic again here. Again, Jody Gehrman created very 3D characters that you could feel like you actually knew, even if sometimes you wanted to shake them. There was still some slimy guys in this one, but nothing the Bettys couldn't handle. I would make sure you check this one out if you like escapades and caffeine and boys and love and trouble and life. 

First Line:
"Hey Hero, 
I know you come home for winter break tomorrow, which render this e-mail kind of unnecessary if not pathetic, but I just have to give you the heads-upon the latest Sonoma Valley High gossip, such as it is."

Favorite Lines:
"Isn't this supposed to be my time to horrify them with my burgeoning sexuality."

"There were stars poking through the navy blue sky, piercing its smooth surface like pegs in a Lite-Brite."

"Amber and I were rolling our eyes so often we saw more of the ceiling than anything else."

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  1. Really does sound like another great read! Great review.


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