Monday, November 29, 2010

Review: When the Stars Go Blue - Caridad Ferrer

WherI got it: Finished copy from the publisher
Rating: 5 stars 

Cover Rating: 5 stars Very beautiful and I love the spine.)
Genre: Young Adult  
Publication Date: November 23, 2010
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin 
Page Count: 324 p.

Soledad's life is dance. There is nothing she doesn't love about it and nothing she wouldn't do for it. That is until she meets Jonathan. He starts off as just another classmate and he tells her about his bugle and drum corps group that is preforming all summer a program called Carmen Revealed. He asks Soledad to be her Carmen, not only does she have the body, she has the fierceness in her dance that would make her an unstoppable force on their team. Soledad isn't sure if this is what she wants to do for her summer, instead of teaching ballet. But, as she falls for Jonathan she falls for the idea of her being Carmen, the star of the show. So the further they get from home the further Soledad and Jonathan's relationship grows, even though Jonathan's dad is none to happy about it. Jonathan and his dad have a very rocky relationship that only gets rockier as the tour continues. With Jonathan so angry and distant, Soledad finds comfort in a traveling soccer player named Taz, who though he is from Spain not Miami, easily remind Soledad of home. Is Jonathan strong enough to stay with Soledad despite his dad's protests? Is Soledad even sure that Jonathan is the only think she will every need?

This was a very moving and emotional read. I loved the passion with which Soledad danced and Jonathan played. It's always fantastic when you can read about someone with that much fire and heart for what they do. It wraps you up in it and makes you yearn for the thing you are passionate about, or makes you yearn to feel that passion for something. I really loved Soledad and how easy it was for her to love even when all her other decisions were hard to decide on. I was so team Jonathan, but about three quarters of the way through I had to move my loyalties on over to Team Taz. Taz was such a gentlemen and barely expected anything from Soledad in return. I loved the little bits and bobs of Spanish throughout the novel, it helped remind you of why Soledad and Taz are so connected. I wish things could have been everything that Soledad wanted. I think her life will still be fantastic, and maybe even more so than she could ever believe. This would be a great novel for anyone whose life didn't turn out the way they planned and expected it to turn out. Soledad is a great role model for a life that was unplanned but is the only choice. Make sure you pick up this fantastic read soon, so you can feel your heart lift up and dance.

First Line:
"Turning, soaring, feeling the hum of the strings like the caress along my skin, the notes from the brass and woodwinds swirling around my body like a cape."

Favorite Line:
"However, right now, with sweat running down his bare torso, every muscle in his shoulders and arms bunched and tense and that light turning his eyes dark and fierce?"  


  1. Oooh - i love the cover of this one too - this is the first review i've read of this and it has really made me want to track this book down asap!

    i LOVE that favourite line you have.


    Thanks for the review!

  2. I really love the sound of this book. It seems like a beautiful uplifting story. The cover is so pretty also. I'll definitely be adding this to my wishlist.

  3. This sounds really good! Great review :)


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