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Author Interview + Giveaway with Rebecca Maizel

After reading Infinite Days, I thought that I definitely have to spread the love and get into the mind of its author Rebecca Maizel. So I will be giving away my ARC of Infinite days after this interview.

1. So why write about a vampire turned human instead of the typical human turned vampire, besides it just being different?

I connected to my main character, Lenah’s voice. It was so strong; and sinister and tragic. I wanted to tap into that sorrow and darkness. I wanted to bring this person, whoever she was back out to light. It turned out that she was a vampire and thematically, it worked. Every person out there has done something they aren’t proud of. And whatever that thing is, they have to live with it - forever. That’s Lenah but times about a million!

2. Which would you rather be right now, vampire or human?

Definitely human. But maybe a vampire if Rhode was there. Can Rhode be there? I might risk insanity if he were around. 

3. What people would you pick, historical or famous to be your coven?

I would choose historical because if this is Lenah's world of vampires, strong and tough are what's important. I would choose knights, soldiers, excellent fighters. Whoa, I sound like Lenah because that's exactly what she did! Yea, I would go for historical, famous might make my coven too recognizable. 

4.Okay so we all know the YA world is full of picking teams to route for are you team Justin, Team Vicken, or Team Rhode(are we even allowed to be team Rhode[I suck at the rules of this game])?

I am finishing up the sequel and everything changes in this installment. But for book one I was definitely Team Justin. Lenah's difference is what brings them together, his need for adrenaline and her need for the zest for life. She was so numb for so long - of course he would break her open. So I am Team Justin...but I guess part of me will always be Team Rhode. They should have been together as humans but they never got the chance. 

5. How excited should we be for the next installment of Vampire Queen?

All I will say is that EVERYTHING goes to hell. 

6. Is there anything else you'd like to say?

I hope you enjoy Infinite Days as much as I enjoyed writing it - I know that's a lame answer but it's true!

Thanks Rebecca!
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  9. I still haven't read Infinite Days, but I'm very curious about this book. Interesting that everything changes so much in the next book.

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  14. I'd love to read this book! :) awesome interview by the way. wow, there's a sequel?


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  22. Awesome contest! Love this book!
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