Thursday, July 1, 2010

Review: Rose Sees Red - Cecil Castellucci

Where I got it: ARC tour hosted by Cecil Castellucci
Rating: 5 stars
Cover Rating: 4.5 stars (pretty and simple, I like it)
Genre: Young Adult
Publication Date: August 1, 2010
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Page Count: 197 p.

Rose lives next to a Soviet Russia compound in New York. Everyday, there are men in suits outside, KGB or CIA(you can tell by their eyebrows).When Rose chose dance at The Performing Arts School instead of following her friend Daisy to Bronx Science, she lost a friend and was shunned from the group. She is too shy to really open up and be vulnerable at her new school and therefore hasn't made any friends. That is until the girl from across the street (in the compound) decides to befriend Rose because Yrena feels trapped over there. And then, one day Caitlin and Callisto (two out of a set of triplets) beckon her over outside of their school, this is the beginning of something new for Rose and even if she can't feel it today will change her forever.

Oh, to be young and carefree again! This book takes place mostly during one long and glorious day. As you read the words you are really watching a movie it's so easy to see the scenes play out before you. You can hear the rise and swell, and eventual fade out of the soundtrack. Cecil did an amazing job writing so vividly as to really make you feel like you are alive and there. I really loved this book, it was realistic but oh so amazing. It takes place in 1982 which I had assumed from the way they talked and dressed. It was very early 80's. This was a great little one night in the life of some kids trying to find out who they are. Cecil writes in a clear and perfect voice, about dancing, about emotions, about being a kid in a big city. Though really, this story could take place anywhere. Sure New York has all these sights to see, but a big point in this story is being able to see how beautiful your city is through somebody else's eyes (especially if you squint). A definite coming of age story that rings true through many generations. I say if you like realistic fiction, if you're trying to find out how to be yourself, or if you are a YA librarian, this is a must read for you.

First Line:
"I was black inside and so I took everything black."

Favorite Line:
"We all breathed in and out as one as we watched them become smaller and smaller until they were impossible to see in the sky."

And like I said, I couldn't help but get a vivid soundtrack in my head. I think these songs make up the book quite nicely(although I am limited in my own world of music).

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  1. This sounds great. I love the title, and the cover. Thanks for this! :]

  2. This sounds like a good read, great review :)

  3. Not entirely certain about this one, but it is nonetheless interesting!:D

  4. actually you can tell the KGB from CIA by their shoes.


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