Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Teaser Tuesday Book Release Style

That's right, Today is the official release day for Beautiful Creatures by: Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia also release today is What I Wore to Save the World by: MaryRose Wood. So, in honor of their release I will "Teaser Tuesday" you with a teaser from each.

From Beutiful Creatures:

"I was watching two lions circle each other, and I was standing in the middle. Ridley had played me, and I had gone along with it, like a sucker, like the red sucker she was sucking on right now."

From What I Wore to Save the World:

“Woah! I see yer point; that’s bloody hideous!”

And look at those covers, mouthwatering. So if you don't already have them go and pick them up. Make sure you read Maryrose's other two books that precede this one; Why I Let My Hair Grow Out & How I Found The Perfect Dress.
Look here for my review of Beautiful Creatures
Look here for my review of Why I Let My Hair Grow Out

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  1. Beautiful Creatures is on my wish list - Sherrie Solvang from Write About Now is giving away an ARC of it. Go check it out!

    You're right about the covers - awesome! :)


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