Monday, October 12, 2009

Review: Give Up the Ghost by: Megan Crewe

Where I got it: ARC from 1 ARC Tours
Rating: 2.5 stars (Not for me)
Cover Rating: 3 stars (Doesn't really seem look like an outfit Cassie would wear, although I do appreciate the ghostly whisperer)
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Publication Date: September 15, 2009
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.

Cassie's sister Paige drowned, ever since then Cassie has been able to see ghosts. She 's even made friends with a few at school, who spy on people and give her all the dirt. When someone starts to catch on, that she might be able to help them reach a dead relative, Cassie is hesitant at first because no one really talks to her. She ends up helping them but does that really change her? Do people start to see that she might not be so bad?

I really wanted to like this book more. It was an interesting premise and who wouldn't want all that dirt on people? But, Cassie was a hypocrite. She kept talking about how much people are backstabbers and snotty and not good people, when really she's just the same as them. The voice did seem accurate though, like a whiny girl who doesn't fit in because she is trying too hard to be different. I really just couldn't get over Cassie's thoughts though, she was very irksome and it made me just dread listening to her. She gets this really great dirt on her ex-best friend's boyfriend and when faced with confronting her she balks. It was a disappointment, if she really didn't want to be excepted by them and really disliked them she would have been fine with gushing out. The story was decent though, it was eventful and honest, the emotions rang true. The ending was awful though, especially the last line. " A night when I could share a table with a student council VP, and my dead sister, too, not to bargain or to prove a point but simply because I wanted to." Ick. So if you wanted to read it go for it. I won't recommend it to someone who wasn't already planning to read this.

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  1. I loved this book! Yeah Cassie wasn't really into fashion in the book. but the cover is still pretty. I do agree w/ u on some things. Great review :P


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