Friday, August 28, 2009

Review: Wicked Lovely by: Melissa Marr

Where I got it: The Library
Rating: 3 stars (Decent Faerie book)
Cover Rating: 4 stars (Pretty colors and eye catching. Also, Relative to the story)
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Publication Date: June 12, 2007
Publisher: Harpercollins

Aislinn's Grandmother has put rules in place to keep her safe since she has the sight. She is able to see Faeries. Rule #1 Don't Ever Attract Their Attention, somehow Aislinn breaks this rule by getting noticed by Summer Court Fairy Keenan who wants to make her his Queen. Seth, Aislinn's human love interest is, well, human and not a bad choice. How will Aislinn decide what to do and how to get rid of the Fey that are following her? Can she really trust Seth with her secrets? Is there any escape from this?

So my only real dislike is the name Aislinn only because I kept thinking of Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia by: C.S. Lewis. It's a good name however, Gaelic meaning dream, and I always associate Faeries with Irish folktales. Anyway on to the story. It was very much a girl book lots of love and girl power themes throughout. Donia, the last girl who risked her life for Keenan's benefit, is trapped in cold and can't be released until someone else risks their life to be with Keenan. Donia is also still in love with Keenan and is also portrayed as a strong minded girl. Beira, the Winter Queen and Keenan's mother, though wicked is also a very strong woman in this book, along with Aislinn our main girl. So the women in this book are the really strong characters and the guys are second players, even though the perspective changes and is sometimes written from Keenan's point of view. This was mildly irksome, only because sometimes while the story is being told in the third person somebody's first person voice would interrupt the sentence. Mostly this wasn't a big problem and didn't really break up the flow of the story that much. I can't say to much about it without giving away some of the more important things. This book was not very suspenseful because you kind of know everything in the first few paragraphs, but there are little things that crop up. If you really enjoy books about Faery and humans then you should read this, not necessarily a Faery book but a good read nonetheless. I will be reading the sequel, Ink Exchange, because I feel that this series will get better the more Melissa Marr writes.

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  1. Hi, I'm a new member of your blog! I saw you on the Story Siren. I have the first two of this series and want to read them (I have a long list of wanna reads). Thanks for the review, I'll give it a go. Also, I have a blog called Read~Write~Review at if you'd like to check it out or follow as well that'd be great. It looks like we have some YA reads in common. BTW, by Wanna Reads list is not all on my blog, it's too long! Take care & happy blogging, Shauna


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